Scott Geesey, Storyteller of Many Kinds

Take Advantage of My Four Decades of Professional Experience

Welcome to my website! Need a freelance specialist used to speaking in many media forms? Check out some of my examples in the left column. Then please email or call to let me know how we can work together to make your efforts succeed!

I have 36 total years of journalism experience in print, radio, television and web. And I have spent my last 18 years in sales and marketing with the nation's leading school yearbook company, part of my 36 years in journalism. Lots of stories told there. That's why I market myself as a "storyteller of many kinds" with successful sales and marketing experience.

Particular niche areas: media and journalism, education, politics, sports, Christian, pets, geothermal and alternative energy. But I'm an eclectic guy - what's YOUR project?

Experience with: emails, e-newsletters, blogging, website writing, general content and sales writing, direct response sales letters, broadcasting/podcasting, video and audio scripts.

Member, American Writers & Artists Inc. and Professional Writers Alliance

I'm honored to be affiliated with both AWAI and PWA. As I gradually pursue a freelance career I have learned much valuable information from these groups to go along with my prior and current media experience. Not flying solo but backed by some of the best copywriters on the planet. My rates follow basic AWAI guidelines depending on the size and scope of the project, let's talk about it.

As an independent sales representative for many years I'm used to working on my own, with the discipline to create and follow through on assignments on deadline. My office is my home, my car, my computer, my tablet, my smartphone and wherever life takes me.

Need Fresh Ideas? I Have Answers!

One of the advantages of a journalism background is the ability to research, to get information and find new ideas for clients. As a former journalist and radio talk show host for many years, and in my 18 years in sales, I'm still accustomed to asking questions, using my curiosity to try new angles. I can put that experience to work for your next project.

And a fresh idea is where success starts. Sometimes the best part of a campaign is just finding that cool new point of view. Contact me today and let's see where we can go for your positive future outlook.

Plenty of SALES Experience, the Best Kind of Writing

I enjoy writing of many kinds - serious, funny, brief, long. Thirty-second commercial or 20 page sales letter. And for business there's the key word - SALES. Writing with no sales response is just wasted ink on paper or text on a screen.

You desire writing that gets results. That's why I'd like to bring my 35 years of total experience to bear for your MARKETING and CONTENT efforts. From qualifying to final sale, from first glance to clicking for your landing page to making a sale, I'd like to see how we can work together for YOUR success.

Reading and Voiceover Talent, Television Experience

The Good Lord blessed me with a pretty good voice, now you can put it to work for your audio book or commercial/voiceover project. I also have experience before and behind the video camera - for all of the above check out some examples with the links in the left column. It's a multimedia world and I have over three decades of experience in all facets. Imagine what we could put together...

What can I do to help you?

That's the basic thought from me to you - how can my experience assist you in your sales and/or content efforts? Perhaps I'm not the right fit for your particular project, but why not find out? Please check out my examples, then contact me and let's talk about it!