Scott Geesey, Storyteller of Many Kinds

As a former 17-year broadcaster I have had many opportunities to do television and video anchoring.
Here are some recent examples of my work - check them out for yourself...
ON-AIR ANCHORING: In recent years I've enjoyed helping my friends at a local public television station with their fundraising campaigns.

Here's an example from an airing in March 2017, just over two minutes. Click here to view.
ONLINE VIDEO TEACHING: In my work as a school yearbook sales representative I created my own exclusive set of online learning videos where I serve as host that have had countless hits over several years. In this case I used the Adobe Connect online tool to not only host online meetings but also create these videos.
Here are some examples of that work, check them out. Perhaps something similar with an onscreen host would serve your needs well?
Writing Photo Captions - one of my personal favorites because I designed it for students to write a caption along with me as I went step by step through the process. Just over 10 minutes total. Click here to view.
LOW Tech Promotion - not everything needs to be high tech as I show students that some old fashioned ideas still work and are a lot of fun. Less than 12 minutes total. Click here to view.
How to Create a Great Yearbook EASILY - especially for folks new to yearbooking. Less than 16 minutes. Click here to view.
Please contact me with interest for your video host or broadcasting project. I have access to a local professional studio for any recording work. I'd welcome the chance to work with you!